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Adventures in Cake Pops January 15, 2012

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So as my first adventure in creating something I’ve only read about online, I decided to try making some cake pops.  Armed with several Pinterest links, a Bakerella video, and way too much money’s worth of craft store purchases, I spent the last 24 hours with this little labor of love, and ended up with a pretty decent first attempt, I’d say.  Here’s a pic of the finished product:

For those of you interested in the step-by-step, this is how they came to be:

I read that cake pops are essentially regular cake, crumbled up and mixed with frosting, rolled into balls, and then dipped in chocolate or candy coating.  I decided to use white cake with vanilla frosting, and found a bunch of candy coating chips on sale at Ben Franklins, so went that route for this first try.  Also, just because I’m a bit of a masochist, I decided that normal old white cake balls were not going to be good enough for my first try.  No, I had to have rainbow-colored insides.  Hilarity ensues.

Step 1:  Bake a cake.  I did this last night and let it sit overnight to cool, and since I didn’t want to spend all my time last night crumbling and cooling the cake.  I used a standard vanilla cake mix.  I did read somewhere that butter recipes work better than oil recipes, but Target didn’t have any butter recipe cakes, and I was too lazy to make it from scratch.  It’ll be interesting to try some different flavors/styles in the future.

Step 2- Crumble the cake into a bowl, as uniformly as possible.  I read a tip where you cut the cake into four big pieces and rub them together to help crumble the cake, and it worked really well.  Some of the edges of the cake where it was the most done did not crumble so well, so I just left them out.  


Step 3-  Mix the frosting in until the cake crumbles are just soft enough to hold their form when you roll them into a ball shape, but not so saturated that they’re soggy. I think I messed up here and added too much frosting.  My balls were really pretty soggy by the time I was done with them, and the texture is a little off-putting when eating them now.  Also, they were so heavy they caused me problems later on.  I will definitely be using less frosting next time, or maybe making some frosting from scratch or trying whipped to achieve a lighter finished product.

Step 4- Normally this is where you chill the dough, but I split mine up into three bowls and added some gel food coloring to get the colored effect I was looking for.  Ooh, pretty…  


Step 5- I chilled the dough in the freezer for 15 minutes and then pulled it out to start rolling it into the ball shape.  I think it could have stood to be in the freezer a little longer, but I read that you don’t want it frozen, just stiffer, so I erred on the side of safety.  I ended up having to put it back in the fridge anyway to get it to solidify and make it easier to roll.  Mostly I just took a little from each bowl and rolled it together to make the cake balls.  When I was done, I put them back in the fridge to get a little more solid again before the dipping process.  Here’s what the cake balls looked like:

Step 6-  I melted the candy coating (as per the directions on the bag) and got ready to dip the first batch of balls.  I used a blue candy chip bag to start with, and found out the hard way that the bowl I chose was not deep enough to submerge the cake balls, so I had to do some creative moving and pouring to get them coated all the way.  They ended up being too heavy and still not chilled enough, so I lost a couple of balls on the first run.  After several hours in the fridge, I did the second half of the balls by dipping them using one of Nora’s kiddie cups I got for free from some restaurant, but this time I was able to get them completely submerged, which made the process SO much easier.  I also had to add in some white candy chips since I had used most of the blue earlier, so the second batch came out much lighter, and also afforded me the extra liquid candy melt to drizzle over the first batch for a neat two-tone blue decoration look.  Here are some pics of the final steps of the process:

First dipping bowl, dipped balls, and casualty…







Second melt, second dip, and final product!






So a decent looking product, if not terribly tasty.  I forgot to get a “bite” shot where you can see the inside, but it’s all tye-dye looking with the pink/blue/purple.  If I can get the texture thing down, and practice some different decorating stuff, I think I could be proud of these!   Not bad for a first try, I guess!



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