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Cake Pops V2.0 January 25, 2012

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I spent the past two days home with a not really sick but not allowed at preschool Nora, so I tried my hand at cake pops again.  This time I didn’t  put them on a stick, and I dunked them in melted chocolate instead of candy melts.  I did use some of the red candy melts for decoration piped in a frosting bag, which I think worked out pretty nice.  Here’s the finished product, post decoration:

I think this batch tastes much better than the last set, because I got my cake to frosting ratio much more balanced.  I used a yellow cake mix with chocolate frosting. I might have erred on the side of a little too cakey, because they were really crumbly, but once they were chilled, they held together pretty well.  The downside of chocolate seems to be that the chocolate melts really easily, like, when you pick up the balls it starts melting all over your fingers.  I guess these would be good on a stick, but I wanted to put them into little cupcake papers and into pretty boxes this time to dress them up. Here’s two of the decorated boxes.  They’re going to a friend-that’s why the “A”, “C”, “D”, and “A” initials are on the pops in the second box.  Also, the solid red ones are covered in the fondant I tried to make with marshmallows.  I think that the pink fondant ended up too stiff to work with (and there’s pockets of powdered sugar in it that didn’t blend through because they were clumpy-I have bought a sifter and intend on using it next time, for sure), and the red fondant was ridiculously sticky.  It was such a huge pain to work with and I didn’t have a circle cutter big enough to make a circle that could cover the whole cake ball, so I gave up on it pretty quickly.  Ah, well.  It’s a trial and error thing, right?

Aren’t these the cutest see-through lidded boxes? Wish I had picked up more!



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