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Cupcake Bites v1.0 April 27, 2012

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I found the Bakerella book at my school book fair, and after looking through it, my interest in working with cake pops was rekindled.  I’ll admit that the huge box o’ cake decorating supplies has been growing dusty since January/February when I last delved into the cake pop world, but I have several party functions to attend this month, so I figure that’s as good an excuse as any to jump back on the wagon and try some new styles.

I figured that the cupcake bites would be the easiest to start out with, since they’re not much different than the chocolate cake balls I made last time.  Basically you go through the same beginning stages of making a cake, crumbling it up, mixing the frosting (I learned to go light on the frosting, since you can always add more in later, but too much is just too sweet/rich), and then rolling the mixture into ball shapes.  Then you put them in the freezer for 15 minutes or so(like anyone actually has room to do this) or in the fridge for a few hours to let it firm up.  The difference in the recipe is that after the balls are more solid, you take a small circle or flower shaped cookie cutter (I used a flower shaped one and a smaller heart shaped one) and you push the “dough” in to the cutter until it fills it to the bottom and leaves a mound of dough on top, mimicking the shape of a muffin or cupcake.

Next you melt some chocolate and dip just the bottom part (the part that was in the cookie cutter) in the chocolate and turn it upside down to dry with the dipped side up and the undipped mound side down.  After the chocolate is dry (and

has been back in the fridge for a while to re-firm up the cake part), you melt whatever color you want for your tops (I used pink), and re-dip just the tops.  If you want to put any decoration on them, it has to happen super fast, because the candy melts dry quickly, and then the stuff you want on top won’t stick.  This time I used Jelly Belly jelly beans, cut in half, as the tops of my “cupcakes”, with solid round sprinkles and opaque colored sugar granules for decoration, and I think they turned out pretty cute for a first try.

A few things I learned and will be more careful about next time:
-Your fingers get the pink candy melt on them when you’re dipping, and if you’re not careful, it will smear on the chocolate, which looks sloppy.  I’ll definitely be more careful about that next time, or develop a plan for it.  You can tell where several of my cupcakes have light smeary pink on the brown part, which I don’t want.

-When you dip the chocolate and turn it upside down to dry, if the chocolate doesn’t dry “flat”, then when you turn the cupcake back the other way to dip the tops, it won’t have a flat bottom to sit on, and will tip over.  This only happened to a couple of my cupcakes, but it was still annoying.

-Even though I tried very hard for even pink coverage, there were still several gaps where the pink didn’t cover all the cake.  Since I had chocolate cake inside, it wasn’t TERRIBLY obvious, and I was able to touch up some of them with a toothpick, but I will look out for that next time.  Anyway, here are some finished products:


You can see the pink candy smear pretty bad on the one above, but the ones to the left don’t look too bad.  The first ones (below) dried before I could get too many sprinkles to stick.  Again, all in all, not a bad first try, I’d say!




1. shannon2818 - May 8, 2012

Pretty – but too complicated for me! I’ll just be lazy and buy them from the store

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