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My first layered cake! June 9, 2012

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Going to try one more post today to redeem wordpress before I get fed up and go somewhere else!  Hopefully this post will work out better than the duct tape flower one.

I bought an app for my iPad that had cake making ideas, and saw an awesome Fourth of July cake that looked like it wouldn’t be TOO hard to try and make (with absolutely no experience whatsoever).  I had already decided that I wanted to sign up for a cake-decorating class this summer, and bought some cake-making supplies from the craft store.  I even found the Wilton cake making set that does the checkerboard pattern for the cake.  So I set out with three bowls of batter, and used red and blue gel coloring to tint two of the three bowls.

I decided that it would be nearly impossible to actually get the huge bowls to pour into the tiny rings that sit in the pans, so I confiscated some old birthday party cups to help with the pouring and then filled the rings in alternating patterns for each pan.  The only real trick was pulling the ring out without blending the colors together.  One of the three pans got a bit messy.

You can see Nora’s fine Minnie Mouse cups in the background, which made excellent pouring cups.

Next I baked the three layers, cooled them, and then used a cake-leveler to cut off the tops, which is good since that’s where the most of the blending occurred.  Because I don’t actually bake or have a stand mixer, I used canned frosting (mostly whatever was around the house).  I used whipped vanilla between the cake layers as I stacked them, and then used the rest of the whipped frosting to frost around the outside.  Then I tinted some regular (non-whipped) vanilla frosting blue for the top.  Got to try out my new cake spatulas (angled and straight), and they do seem to make things much easier.

Stacked and frosted between layers. Next time I might make sure it’s a little more level…

Next I tinted a tub of vanilla frosting bright red and filled one disposable frosting bag with red and one with white icing, with Wilton #21 star tips.  I made a few practice stars on the side to make sure I sort of knew what I was doing, and then I piped a row of red stars around the bottom.  Impressed with my new skills, I alternated red and white stripes all the way up the cake to the top.

I had a little batter/frosting left, so I baked some cupcakes with the leftovers and decorated them as well, as patriotically as I could. Then I took the cake to school and shared with my co-workers for a late Memorial Day celebration.  The inside checkerboard didn’t line up as well as I would have liked, but it still looked pretty cool for a first try!



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