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Sunflower Cupcakes June 11, 2012

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Sorry for the glare on the picture. This was how I packaged them to give away at the birthday party.

So I recently bought myself some cupcake decorating books that show you “simple” (not sure about THAT for all of them) cupcake decorating ideas that can be done with nothing but store bought box cake and tubs of pre-made frosting.  Desperate for an excuse to make some cupcakes to try out the recipes, I asked my good friend if I could give cupcakes to her to use as favors for her daughter’s birthday this past weekend.  I baked up some devil’s food cupcakes, and tried out the sunflower cupcake recipe.  I learned quite a few things along the way.

1.  I don’t care what they say, I prefer Wilton decorating tips over ziplock bags any day.
2.  Piping petals is harder than piping stars for sure, especially when the frosting gets too warm from being in your hand and starts getting runny.
2.5- If you put the frosting bag in the freezer between cupcakes, it keeps it just cool enough to keep its shape better!
3.  If you prep your frosting overnight and then keep it in the fridge until the next day, take it out and let it thaw before trying to frost your cupcakes…
3.5- but if it is too stiff for spreading/piping, it can be put in the microwave for 10-20 seconds and comes right back for you.
4.  I think cupcakes are WAY more a pain in the rear than whole cakes.  But they turn out SUPER cute.

So here’s the basic “tutorial”.  Make cupcakes.  The recipe called for vanilla, but I made chocolate, because I thought it’d be more like “dirt” for the sunflowers to come out of.  Then tint about a tub (I did one and a half) of vanilla frosting green and frost the cupcakes with the green to look like “grass”.  In two ziplock bags (or disposable decorating bags with wilton leaf/tiny, tiny round tips), fill with yellow/orange colored icing (leaf tip) and chocolate icing tinted black (tiny round tip).  You don’t need very much at ALL of the black icing, but will need quite a bit of the yellow/orange.  I tinted a pretty big bowl all yellow, spooned about half of it into the decorating bag, then tinted the rest orange and spooned it in the other half of the bag so the colors would mix a little for depth of color.
When you’ve got your green layer down and other frosting prepped, place a large Oreo cookie (or a large and a mini, or whatever combination you can fit on the cupcake) on top and smoosh (very technical term, here) them into the frosting so they stay in place.  Then pipe a row of yellow leaves around the outside of the cookie.  Next pipe another row of leaves inside the first row so they overlap the first ones a bit.  You can do even more layers if you want to add depth.  Just leave some of the cookie showing through.

Then you add any embellishments you want.  I used red M&Ms turned upside down and piped a black dot at the top, a line down the middle, and dots on either side to make “ladybugs”.  I also took some AirHead candies (sour apple=light green and watermelon=dark green), microwaved them for 10 seconds to soften them, rolled them out with a fondant rolling pin, and cut out leaf shapes with a cookie cutter to make green leaves to go with the sunflowers.  You could probably think of even more ways to decorate these, but I stole the ones right out of the book.  They turned out pretty good, I think!

This one was when the frosting started getting all melty. Some of the other ones I did stood up much better, but you get the idea.



1. Geraldine - June 11, 2012

So cute!!

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