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Duct tape purses! June 17, 2012

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This is my (obviously very formal) blueprint. Basically, the purse has a bottom that is 7 x 14 inches wide, and the sides are 12 inches high. If you fold a piece of duct tape in half, it is pretty much exactly an inch wide, so that helped me figure out I needed 7 strips of 38 inch long tape of one color (C1) and 14 strips of 31 inch long duct tape of the other color (C2) for weaving. Then I need 24 strips of 14 inch long tape (C1) to weave the sides on top and bottom, and 24 strips of 7 inch long tape (C2) to weave the sides on the left and right.


In this picture I have already weaved together C1 (black) and C2 (black/white zebra print). The 7 x 14 inch middle was then taped down with black tape (that will end up being the lining of the bottom of the purse), and then I weaved the 24 strips of 7 inch zebra print on the sides and taped them down as well to line the inside of the sides of the purse. Then I trimmed the outside of the sides with pink/black zebra print. The black/white zebra print strips on top and bottom are still loose.

Next I wove in the 24 strips of 14 inch long black onto the loose strips of black/white zebra and taped down all but the top section of the sides (this is where I insert the handles).


I then braid three strips of tape together, tuck them in behind the squares that aren’t taped down, finish taping down the inside, and fold up the sides, taping them together with the trim color (pink/black zebra print in this case). The inside of the bag is lines, the handles are super snug, and the trim around the outside keeps the bag together!

Inside view.

Side view.

Different colors, same bag.



1. shannon2818 - June 20, 2012

Can’t wait to get mine – I mean stephanie’s! Maybe I ‘ll have to get one for myself.

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