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Red/White/Blue roses cake August 19, 2012

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We are hosting an exchange student from Ukraine this year, so I decided to try out a cake idea I saw on Pinterest, but with red, white, and blue roses for a welcome cake.  It was also my very first cake made from scratch and buttercream frosting made from scratch as well.  Things I learned this time around:
1.  You need to have a LOT of butter on hand.  Seriously.  Just buy a few boxes, because by the time you’re done, you will probably use most of it.

2.  After you sift your flower, do NOT immediately rinse the sifter out and think that it will be dry in time to sift your powdered sugar.

2.5.  If you need to sift powdered sugar and you have nothing to do it with, use a small spaghetti colander and a wire whisk and whisk the sugar in the colander over a bowl.  It’ll do.

3.  You need a LOT of frosting to put between three layers and as a crumb coat for a cake.  Like 1.5 batches for the crumb coat and then another 1-2 batches to decorate.  See #1.

Anyway, here is the picture of what I was trying to accomplish:

This is from the LOVELY http://iambaker.net/neapolitan-rose-cake-rosette-cake/
who has much more skill than I do, obviously!


Here is how MY creation turned out.  Not terrible for a first try, but I think I have some practice to do!

Welcome to America, Tania!

Top view


Side view


Next up- monster birthday cake for Nora’s friend Carter’s birthday!






1. carol - August 19, 2012

Beautiful cake…. Welcome Tania, enjoy your stay.

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