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Kitty Fishbones Cupcakes October 6, 2012

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Got invited by my friend Sarah to enter a cupcake contest with her at her church.  It was for a fish fry, so she had an idea to do something fish themed with a lemonade cupcake recipe (lemons and fish, right?).  I found a cute cat with a fishbone idea in my Hello, Cupcake book (http://www.hellocupcakebook.com/), and gathered up the supplies to decorate.  Sarah is the expert at making cake from scratch and frosting that can actually hold up to decoration and will stay where you put it, and I am the “expert” (ha!) at decorating with candy and such (you know, what with my whole, maybe 4 practice tries so far).  So she baked and made frosting and I decorated (she helped decorate, too!).  Here is what we came up with, after some trial and error.  Decided that candy melts definitely hold up better to piping in a pattern than chocolate does (the last time I did chocolate, it fell apart in my hands, but the fish bones held up really well!

Finished tray of kitties.

Closeup on “looking up” kitty.

Cross-eyed kitty.

Closeup on fishbone body.

It was a really great experience.  Now I just have to wait and find out whether or not we won!


EDIT:  We did not win.  Apparently, we lost to a “fish and chips” theme cupcake?  Anyway, it was a ton of fun to do, and I would definitely enter a contest with Sarah again!  It was a blast!



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