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Monster Cake October 6, 2012

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I am WAY behind on updating this thing, but I guess that will happen when you’re suddenly catapulted into being a mom of two with a whole new boss at work and all the changes that entails.  In August, I was asked to do a monster cake for a friend’s son’s birthday.  We were going for something looking kinda like this:

She wanted this, but in blue, with more cake pops.

I made a few changes, and fought the summer humidity (who knew it could make SUCH a difference when trying to melt candy melt chips to make them easy for cake pop dipping?), and ended up with this:

Without the cake pops…

WITH the cake pops.

Cake pop close-up.

The inside of the cake was vanilla and chocolate checkerboard pattern.  It was a lot of fun to make, and I think turned out pretty good, considering it was my first try!  Also, I made my first successful marshmallow fondant from scratch for the irises in the eyeballs as well as the mouth, so I’m proud of myself for that, too!  This cake making thing is really working out pretty well, considering I never got around to the class this summer!



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