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Mummy cupcakes October 21, 2012

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I had seen a bunch of these cute cupcakes that looked like mummies on some different sites, and felt like giving them a try.  Tania had a Halloween/friend’s birthday party this weekend, and we had a box of chocolate cupcake mix (with creme center) that was getting close to expiring, so I thought I’d give them a try.  Used the box mix, a baggie of candy eyes I had from back when I did the monster cake, some red gel coloring for the “mouth” and made my own icing with a touch of raspberry extract to go with the chocolate.  They turned out pretty adorable, and Nora even helped put the eyes on some of them.  Tasty and cute.  I’d call this one a success!

Box of 12 cupcakes I sent along to the Halloween party.


Mummy close-up. Not sure how to pipe the icing so it won’t have all those little air bubbles. Any suggestions? I guess it doesn’t take away from the overall effect, but my OCD tendencies twitch when I see them…

I almost can’t wait for Christmas now, with all the exciting cake/cupcake making opportunities!




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