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Teacher Appreciation Week May 7, 2014

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I’m a teacher.  Middle school teachers don’t get all the full on hullabaloo that I think elementary teachers get when it comes to teacher appreciation week, but I still know how hard teachers work, so I wanted to do something special for my childrens’ teachers this year.  I decided to try out some different flower style cupcakes I’ve found online, and this was the result.  Sorry, no tutorial this time.  Things are crazy busy around here, and I’m lucky these even got made, let alone photographed when they were DONE.  Send me an email if you’re super interested in knowing how any one of them is done, but you can find web tutorials for them all over the place!  I just found them on Google/Pinterest as pictures and worked it out from there.

My 5-year-old daughter helped make many of these, so kudos to her for being my little helper and learning her craftiness at such an early age.

Pretty girl showing off her hard work!

Pretty girl showing off her hard work!


IMG_1586 IMG_1589 IMG_1591

IMG_1594 IMG_1597



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