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Minecraft Birthday Party March 30, 2016

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I realize I’ve been largely absent from this blog for some time, but I just haven’t had as much time to be crafty since James was born and especially since moving back to Michigan during this whirlwind year of job hunting, substitute teaching, and being without 70% of my belongings!  However, Nora’s 7th birthday is coming up, and she desperately wants a Minecraft themed birthday party, so I set out upon the internet to find as many ideas for fairly simple to make items as possible, and came across some great ideas.  Here is what we have going so far:

Food.  Minecraft lends itself well to creating a sort of serve-yourself bar of foods based on the game, and here are some foods I found to recreate items found in Minecraft:

We are using red chocolate candies for redstone, chocolate covered caramels with black foil for coal, blue jelly beans for diamond, crunchy cheese puffs for carrots, Rollos for gold, pretzel sticks for sticks and watermelon candy for melon.  I even found some green rock candy to give in the favor bags to represent emerald.  We’re putting everything out in bowls for the kids to “mine” and add to small treat bags that they can take home with them from the party.

Decorations:  I have brown/green/black plates, bowls, and napkins to fit the theme, and Nora helped me to color in stenciled Creeper faces on both cups and gift bags.  We even have plans to create Minecraft Mob themed balloon arrangements based on some prototypes I made with balloons and duct tape.

For favor bags I am giving away all the candy pictured above plus whole candy bars wrapped in a sticker as well as “creeper juice” (Sprite or water bottles) with sticker covers that I found and printed from a Free Minecraft Printables website.  I bought some sticker paper off Amazon and these turned out GREAT! I also found some printable bookmarks that we made with the sticker paper to give away as well, and will include glow stick “torches” to top it all off.

Nora wanted a Minecraft “cake” style birthday cake, and that is coming soon, but we DID just finish her treat for school on her birthday: Creeper rice krispie treats.  Some of these turned out a lot better than others (apparently there is a learning curve for these such things), but with how busy everything has been this week, I am cutting myself some slack.  Here’s how they turned out:


I will have to update once the cake is complete and with pictures from the actual party (if I can even convince myself to take pictures in all the excitement).  I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!




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