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About me

I have been interested in crafting for as far back as I can remember in my life.  I loved creating things as a young child, and was always in to doing some kind of craft, from making friendship bracelets in summer camp to folding origami animals to doing anything else I could learn.  Now that I’ve found some really great sites on the internet (Pinterest and StumbleUpon being two of the most influential), I have a backlog of crafts/baking/learning new things about a mile long that I want to try.  Life is busy, money is tight, and experience in many of them is limited, though, so time will tell what kind of successes I will have, and what ideas will be beyond my ability level!

Add to that being the mom of a very active and precocious two-year-old and being a middle school English teacher, and you will discover that my time for creating things is going to be somewhat limited.  I’m not sure how to fit in learning to sew with grading essays, planning lessons, fixing boo-boos, cleaning messes, and giving snuggles, but it’s sure to be a riot along the way!

My posts will not be perfect, my house is in a constant state of toddler-induced disarray, I do not know all the answers, and I don’t pretend to.  Most of what I am writing about will be ideas borrowed from people who know what they’re doing, adapted for beginners like me (and maybe you, too!), so I am not trying to be Martha Stewart here.  I just want to keep an honest record of my journey through learning new things, and I am hoping that maybe there are others out there like me who want passionately to be able to create beautiful things, but aren’t sure yet how to do it!



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